Al-Qaeda to impose Islamic law in controlled areas north Syria



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Tel Abyad, Syria− The al-Qaeda affiliated group of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) imposed new conditions −based on the Islamic Shariaa− on the residents of the group-held city of Tel Abyad, north Syria. People are asked to apply Sharia rules (some Islamic codes), threatened by severe punishment if they did not respond.

According to the strict ISIL rules, people are not allowed to watch television in shops in Tel Abyad marketing center, and the market must be closed during prayers timings because everyone has to head to the mosques to perform prayers. 

Activists in the city said that ISIL further declared that women “must stay indoors, and when going out must be committed to the Islamic traditional dress (niqab, which recommends hiding face and hands)”.

“Any violations against the declared rules will be brought to the Shariaa court and violators will be mercilessly punished,” the ISIl said in a declaration on Thursday.  

ISIL further imposed on women to accompany either husband, brother or father when going out. 

A member of the Civil Youth Assembly in Tel Abyad, told ARA News that one of the ISIL members harassed a woman and her husband as she was cleaning before her house without putting on veil. 

Local sources said that the ISIL in Tel Abyad has also banned riding motorcycle for more than one person “to avoid deviation”. 

Practices of the al-Qaeda-linked group of ISIL raised popular anger among residents of Tel Abyad city and its surroundings, as the group tries to impose its extremely strict rules against the will of the people. 


Reporting by: Hana Muslim

Source: ARA News


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