UN aid shipment confiscated by Syrian regime: Activists



ARA News

Hasaka, Syria– The Syrian authorities have reportedly confiscated UN assistance consignments −allocated for northeastern areas in Syria− and sent them by airplanes to the city of Latakia −known for its support to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.  

A leaked photo from the airport of Qamishli city showed the loading of the humanitarian relief supplies on a Syrian civil airplane.

The UN had confirmed that 80 vehicles loaded with humanitarian and food supplies entered Qamishli city from Turkey through the border crossing of Nusaybin, and that the shipments were delivered to the Syrian Red Crescent to be distributed on those in need in the northeastern areas.  

Speaking to ARA News, the Kurdish activist Omar Mohammed said: “The UN humanitarian supplies which arrived in Qamishli city were not delivered to the citizens of northeastern Syria as stated. These supplies were first kept in governmental storages before being sent to Latakia city.”  

Notably, the UN had accused in a previous report the Syrian regime and the opposition forces of preventing the arrival of UN humanitarian aid to the besieged areas, pointing out that 9.3 millions need humanitarian assistance. Of those “220.000 are still living in besieged areas and are unable to escape, find alternative food sources or communicate with those outside the conflict zones”.


Reporting by: Jiwan Ibrahim

Source: ARA News


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