Civil society revived in Syria’s Kobane


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Kobane, Syria– With the continuation of the crisis, Syria has witnessed an increasing interest in the civil society institutions for ‘CSOs’ their effective role in laying the foundation of non-violence culture, especially under the current social situation where weapons have the supreme word, Observers affirm.

Some civil activists, who undertook several civic trainings, assert, “There are many challenges and obstacles to make these CSOs effective. Among which, al-Baath culture that prevented any attempt to revive these institutions, as well as the current situation in Syria, in general, and Kurdish regions, in particular. As there are different attempts to repress these CSOs or drag them to irrelevant political partialities.”

Kobane city is witnessing remarkable civic activities by its activists and literate people. “The Civil Society Events” was established with collaboration of many local associations and organizations and scientific and professional unions. Recently, it held many civic activities, such as silent protests on many non-political occasions, as well as awareness-raising and cleaning campaigns. Many lectures on various topics were also held.

Most recently, a lecture by lawyer Mostafa Ismail entitled “Essential introductions to build a civil society” . These are periodical lectures held by “Kobane Lawyers’ Association” one of the Civil Society Events in Kobane.

The lecture tackled the history of civil society in Europe, as well as some theories about its definition and practical and epistemic controversies. It also treated the onset of the civil society in Syria and its prosperous track after “revolution”. Then Ismail moved on to broach other necessary hubs to build CS and found it within localities and Syria in general.

Ferhad Baqir, the spokesman of the Civil Society Events in Kobane, talked to ARA News saying, “We are trying to disseminate the principles of civil society in our society.” Adding, “We cannot run a country with weapons only. We need service, cultural and social institutions that aim to activate the role of legal and juristic organizations, to be able to protect liberties, maintain the balance between the authorities and the society, prevent disputes that lead to ethnical and sectarian massacres, and to assert on peaceful coexistence among Syrian factions.”

“The Civil Society Events in Kobane” is always active via periodic lectures and training workshops.


Reporting by: Sadruddin Kino

Source: ARA News

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